Ben Cohen and Joe Speiser tell all in an exclusive Ask Me Anything session. Ben and Joe thought they had found the perfect acqusition target in Turns out they spent 6-figures on a nightmare of a SaaS Company. It all started when the ex CEO of the acquired commpany forgot to pay his stripper…

Joe Speiser is a serial entrepreneur, has started and scaled two previous businesses to $65MM+, and one to $200MM+, two of which were deeply rooted in ad-tech and digital media. His hobby is rescuing struggling SAAS companies.

Ben Cohen is a NYC based Entrepreneur focused on Tech, Media & Growth. Has started and exited two prior businesses, one in the contract app development space and the other a social media publishing company.

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AMA Transcript

This transcript was removed because the details were just too juicy. Lawyers told us if we released we’d have to shut the Slack communtiy down!